carolyn_tableWhat is a Well Woman Visit?

It is a yearly preventive visit that is meant to address your current health, pelvic and breast exam, refill prescriptions and order tests that need to be done. It is scheduled for 15 minutes.

What if I have new GYN problems?

These issues will be considered and a plan will be decided on. In general, problems will require another visit to go over testing and a treatment plan.

What is a Consultation Visit?

If you have complicated problems with hormones, pelvic pain, infertility, or menopause, as well as need surgery, we will schedule a longer visit to address these issues. We block out 30 minutes for these visits.

How long is a Procedure Visit?

Procedures are scheduled for 45 minutes in our office. This includes explanation of the procedure, the risks, answering your questions about the procedure, and the procedure itself. Please make sure you get all the instructions before the procedure so you are properly prepared.


What if I need Surgery?

If you need surgery we will schedule an appointment with the doctor first. This will be a consultation so you can go over options, the procedure, risks and benefits of the procedure. Please bring all your questions about the surgery with you.

How is surgery scheduled?

Ammie is our surgery scheduler. After you and Dr. Thompson discuss the issues of your surgery, Ammie will go over the timing of the procedure, the pre-surgical instructions (which are also in a handout) and schedule the procedure. Surgery is done on Tuesdays, when Dr. Thompson has block time in the operating room.

Ammie will pre-certifiy the surgery with your insurance company and will take care of the details of your pre-operative testing. If you have any questions or if you have to cancel, please call Ammie before the day of your surgery.

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